Snoop Dogg & Dam-Funk Are ‘Faden Away’ On ‘Conan’ & ‘Queen Latifah’

I have admittedly been ignoring Snoop Dogg ever since he started up with this changing his name nonsense and his ill-advised foray into reggae. As a Jamaican, I'm not at all here for Snoop Lion trying to chant down Babylon. However, in the midst of not paying Snoop any mind, I almost missed his latest project, which is more in his wheelhouse and up my alley as it pertains to him. Snoopzilla (yes, he has ANOTHER nickname) and musician/producer Dam-Funk have joined forces like two funky superheroes to create the group 7 Days of Funk. The duo is bringing that funky stuff that groups from the olden days like Kool & The Gang, Parliament Funkadelic and The Gap Band used to do but with a modern finish with hip-hop and electronic touches. Now this is the Snoop that I like to hear, and he and Dam-Funk have hit the sweet spot with 7 Days of Funk. They released their eponymous debut album this week and with it has come the requisite television appearances. Already this week they've performed the single "Faden Away" on Conan and The Queen Latifah Show, and it's interesting to see these two performances of the same song as different as night and day. For Conan O'Brien, 7 Days of Funk enlisted their whole band, including SoulBounce fave Terrace Martin, and the performance was a little more crunk. For Queen Latifah and her daytime audience, however, they toned it down a tad, with Snoop rocking his comfiest of dad sweaters, their skeleton crew being accompanied by two white-gloved breakers and everyone looking a bit, well, faded. Watch both performances and the official music video for "Faden Away" and get funked up.

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