You Will More Than ‘Like’ Ella Eyre’s ‘Love’

Ella Eyre had me eating out of her hands when she hooked up with Rudimental, and I've been waiting impatiently for something more substantial to drop from this young lady with the big hair and even bigger voice. While she's teased us with the single "Deeper" in the lead up to the EP of the same name's release later this month, I have become greedy and want more. Well, she's dangling the carrot even further with another hot new track from the EP entitled "Love Me Like You." Eyre's raspy vocals over garage-esque beats wailing about an ex-lover who loved her like no other? Yes, please and thank you. Feel the pleasure of Ella's pain on "Love Me Like You" right here, and get ready to devour Deeper on December 15th.


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