Alicia Keys Has Got The ‘Power’


Alicia Keys is a brave woman. I say this because she hasn't been shy about digging back into her past and unearthing unreleased material. She's even gone and set up a full-fledged website for to access music from her vault to share with everyone. I mean, I can't even look back at some of the first posts I've written for this site or even re-read the short stories I penned during my angst-riddled college years without cringing and writing "hack" across the page. So yes, Keys is brave in my eyes for allowing us to hear these aural rough drafts. Her latest unveil is the gospel-funk heater called "Power," and she perfectly timed the release of this foot-stomper to coincide with the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. "Power" was recorded back in 2007 around the time her As I Am project dropped (and believe me, that album could definitely have used this song), but it sounds fresh to us and plays as quite the loving and headstrong tribute to King and his dream.

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