Candice Glover Is The Other Woman In ‘Damn’

Candice Glover Purple Highlight

I feel that Candice Glover is fighting for her musical life. American Idol hasn’t really churned out the superstars they promised in the past couple years, but Candice has the ability to turn that around. With her Music Speaks album dropping in February, we are hearing a little more from the songbird. In “Damn,” Candice laments about falling in love “with someone else’s man.” The subject of the song is a shock to the system, given how innocent Candice was portrayed to be on the talent show. But the piano led track, which adds elements of pop and even a trace amount of ragtime, is addicting.  The song is definitely a grower that will have you singing “damn, damn, damn” all day long. Let’s hope that when Music Speaks drops, we'll be saying it for all the right reasons.

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