Chromeo & Toro y Moi Keep The ’80s ‘Alive’

Chromeo CA Still

Being a child of the 1980s, I have a definite affinity for cheesy movies filled with big hair, ridiculous premises and over-the-top '80s pop ballads. Perhaps that's why the clip for Chromeo's latest single, "Come Alive," strikes a nostalgic chord in me. Inspired seminal cinema classic Mannequin, aka the movie that brought us the fierceness that is Meshach Taylor's Hollywood Montrose, the clip finds Chromeo's Dave 1 and Toro y Moi in a department store after hours. Just like in the movie, the late night hour brings the inanimate ladies to life and, inexplicably, makes them break into choreographed dance. But just when these to players try to take things a little further, the store's rent-a-cop (played by Chromeo's P-Thugg) gives the two the boot. Oh well. Take in this fun, modern take on a '80s classic right here and let us know if you're feeling the nostalgia, too.

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