Mayer Hawthorne Reaches Out For ‘Richard’ Again On This Mitzi Remix


After dancing on and around the fence about Mayer Hawthorne for awhile, he completely won me over with last year's  Where Does This Door Go (one of SB's fave albums of 2013). Call me a sucker for the soft yacht rock of the late '70s, but Hawthorne hit it on the nail especially on singles like "Reach Out Richard." As much as I enjoyed the whole Michael McDonald-meets-Kenny Loggins thing he had going on the Pharrell-produced track, hearing it adorned as a spacious deep house number is a crisp twist that makes it ready for all kinds of glow stick gymnastics. Lucky for us we can jam to it all we want as Hawthorne is allowing us a download of Mitzi's re-fashion at the low price of free.

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