Mister Cee Remembers ‘Baby Girl’ On Aaliyah’s 35th Birthday

Baby girl

In the soul music world, we celebrate those who have passed on in many ways. Through musical tributes, allusions in music videos and covers of their classics, we keep their legacy alive. Of all those who have tragically passed on, the death of Aaliyah seemed especially devastating to our community. It always begs the question, “What could have been?” On Thursday, January 16th, on what would have been her 35th birthday, Hot 97's Mister Cee released the "Baby Girl BDay Mix" in honor of the fallen songbird. The mix comes in at a reflective 45 minutes and reminds us exactly how talented the songstress was. Mister Cee covers all the bases with all the major hits. In this format, you can really hear how Aaliyah carved a unique niche in R&B and see how much she grew in front of our eyes. From “Back & Forth” to “I Care 4 U,” it’s hard to picture many artists today crafting such a thorough discography in just a few short years. Here at SBHQ, we celebrate loved ones every day, but we encourage you to take some time to remember one of the young pioneers of contemporary R&B gone too soon.

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