Aretha Franklin Sings For ‘Change’ On BET Honors 2014


BET Honors 2014 ended on a high note with the final performance of the night coming from one of the honorees. No, Ice Cube didn't change out of his tuxedo and into his typical all black uniform and rock the mic with one of his rap hits (which would have been quite entertaining given that audience). However, after receiving her award, Ms. Aretha Franklin sauntered back on stage, flung her foxy fur coat to the floor like a boss and launched into the classic "A Change Is Gonna Come" like the seasoned pro that she is. Franklin was called on to pay homage to Nelson Mandela, whose death is still fresh in everyone's memories and whose legacy can never be forgotten and must always be respected. Like many before her on this night, Franklin took those in attendance to church with a soul and gospel fusion on Sam Cooke's signature song. Hers was an emotional and fitting tribute to Madiba and a excellent end to another BET Honors extravaganza.

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