Devin Tracy Gets Steamy In The ‘Forest’

Devin Tracy Double Exposure Promo Shot

After wowing us with his debut EP last year, Devin Tracy is back with something fresh and appropriate in lieu of this celebrated day of love. With his latest offering “Forest of Us,” Devin is taking a bit of a sensual turn and crooning about all things lovey dovey and touchy feely. Not only does he tell his significant other that they embody everything that he’s longing for with a clever metaphor, but he also tells them all the right spots to kiss and caress to get things started. “You’re the leading role in my dreams / You’re the reason I’m weak in my knee,” he sings. While this is an unexpected take for the young Florida native, it definitely pans out quite well and brings forth a classic slow jam moment. Word is that Tracy’s already working on his first full-length album, and after hearing this we can’t wait to see where he’s going next sonically.

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