Hot 16: Celebrity Selector Phonte Sets ‘The Mood’

Phonte Smile Corner

There's nothing like the perfect playlist to set things off when you're ready to get it on. With today being Valentine's Day, there'll be a lot of the former and latter happening, but maybe you haven't had time to gather together the right songs to say what you want to say for what it is that you want to do. Well, don't you worry because Phonte of The Foreign Exchange is here to help you seal the deal. Phonte is SoulBounce's first Celebrity Selector, and he's let his inner DJ loose on this Hot 16 collection of songs that he's dubbed The Mood. We'll let him give you the nitty and the gritty about it in his own words:

A playlist for when you wanna get the draws, and you know she's gonna give you the draws, and SHE knows she's gonna give you the draws, but you don't wanna overplay your hand and make it too obvious that you're there to get the draws. Sit back, keep cool and let these songs set The Mood.

One look at this playlist, and you'll see that Tay took this task very seriously. He curated selections by artists such as Esthero, Sam Sparro, Luther Vandross, Sade and Playa as well as The Foreign Exchange and Zo!, of course. Phonte has set The Mood; the rest is up to you.

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