Joe & Kelly Rowland School Us On ‘Love & Sex Part 2’


Ladies, you can come for Joe if you want, but if he did not send for you then you may want to keep it moving and find another brotha to get with. That's because he only has eyes for Kelly Rowland who also has his heart in the video treatment of "Love & Sex Part 2." Their duet about the difference between the emotion and the action is an updated version of the song "Love & Sex," which was originally heard on Joe's album Doubleback: Evolution of R&B with Fantasia as his partner. Well, Tasia got traded in and so did the throwback sound of the song, with Rowland and a more modern track brought in. Both versions are decent, but "Love & Sex Part 2" has the edge thanks to the contemporary feel and Kelly and Joe complement each other nicely on wax and on screen. Their scenes together in the Billie Woodruff-directed video are few and far between, but they end up together in the end.

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