Karen Clark Sheard Is ‘Amazing’ At BET Honors 2014


While the rest of you were sinning, Karen Clark-Sheard was saving souls. The four-time GRAMMY Award-winning singer took us to church last night with her powerful version of “Amazing Grace” in tribute to Aretha Franklin. With a classic stained glass window background and lighting, Clark-Sheard took the BET Honors attendees to church in more ways than one, including Franklin herself who was teary-eyed throughout her performance. Known for her powerhouse voice, Clark-Sheard sang “Amazing Grace” like she was at the last supper. “Anyone wanna go to church for a minute?” she asked the audience, mid-shout. If you didn’t have chills watching the early part of her performance, go ahead and fast-forward to the 2:20 mark when Clark-Sheard starts playing tricks on us with her amazing voice. I would’ve hated to follow this performance because she brought Jesus and the house down and made it look easy. We thank a number of deities that Clark-Sheard knows how to use her voice, and uses it for good. Check out the anointed performance and see if your spirit feels any different afterwards.

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