Kwabs Takes A ‘Stand’ & Delivers


I don't know how much more we can gush about our collective love of Kwabs here at SBHQ, but dammit I'm gonna try. We've been clamoring for morsels of music from this young Brit ever since we first heard him in 2012, and our love for him has grown deeper with every note and lyric that tumbles out of his mouth. His recently released debut EP Wrong or Right has been right on time and was immediately placed into heavy rotation. Each song on the four-track collection has become a favorite. One such is the haunting gem that is "Last Stand," produced by SOHN. Kwabs recently recorded a live session with a four-piece band, including the genius addition of an upright bass and supporting vocals from Neo Joshua of the group The Boxettes. The combination is mind-blowingly amazing. But enough gushing from me. Just watch.

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