Laura Reed Loves You ‘Naturally’


Look who's back with new music and a new look to match. Singer/songwriter Laura Reed has shorn off her seven-year-old locs, and she greeted 2014 with a snazzy new short haircut. Her look may have changed, but her sweet soul sounds haven't as we can hear on her fresh-outta-the-studio new track "Naturally." This is another exclusive SoulBounce world premiere following our debut of her song "Wake Up" last year. Where "Wake Up" was '60s retro, "Naturally" sounds more suited to the synthesized '70s and is equally as catchy. We hear the softer side of Reed who likens her love to other unstoppable forces of nature. Producer Shannon Sanders has crafted a synthesizer-driven groove with finger snaps and well-placed horns to complement Laura's vocals. Everything comes together in a winning package. The real winner, however, is you, the listener, who gets this special sneak peek of the full-length song this holiday weekend only before it's put away for her debut album. So enjoy the exclusive world premiere while you can!

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