Little Dragon Wakes The Dead With ‘Klapp Klapp’

LD Klapp Klapp Still

Well, that was quick. We just got ahold of Little Dragon's mind-blowing new single "Klapp, Klapp" and now we already have the first of two new videos for the track. This particular take, directed by Taylor Cohen, doesn't include any of the members of the band. However, it does include a spooky premise as we follow a young voodoo priestess on a mission. She walks through a barren wasteland and makes her way to a graveyard to dig up a grave and perform a ritual. But two men drag her away before she can finish...or so they think. The video itself is fairly creepy but impossible not to watch, especially with the infectious "Klapp Klapp" serving as its soundtrack. Get into the clip and keep your eye here, as we'll be sure to bring you the second clip for "Klapp Klapp" as soon as it drops.

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