Maxine Ashley Shows Us What Her ‘Perpetual Nights’ Look Like

Maxine Ashley Final

Is it me or is Pharrell's influence permeating through every facet of R&B and pop music? I for one am not upset, because his brand of organic, soul-feeding ethos reassures us that musicality and innovation can go hand in hand. Maxine Ashley, his latest protégée, showed us she was a kindred spirit with her Mood Swings EP/mixtape and she further shows us her personality through the video treatment of “Perpetual Nights.” The video sees Maxine hanging out with Pharrell in a moody, yet upbeat series of mod, kaleidoscopic scenes. When paired with the video, the tune becomes even more infectious. The video serves as the perfect backdrop for a video playlist at a gathering. Let’s hope that Maxine Ashley and Pharrell continue to collaborate, sonically and visually, because they have definitely found a match in each other.

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