Roman Lee Norfleet Is Unleashing The Funk With ‘Enfunkenment’

Roman Lee Norfleet Fists Pose

Roman Lee Norfleet dropped some surprise heat last night as he unleashed his latest solo effort which is appropriately entitled Enfunkenment. The Los Angeles triple threat used this five-track EP not only to pick up where his group Black Fantastic left off in 2013 but also to showcase his developed skills as a producer, emcee and soulful vocalist. The project jumps off with the strongest moment and title track, “Enfunkenment,” where he combines a heavy '70s soul sound with an autobiographical story about growth and self-discovery. “On my way back like the prodigal son/Robbed my Pops, even stole one of his guns/Forgive me for all that I’ve done/Know I was wild when I was under twenty-one,” he wails. There’s nothing better than the real, raw and unadulterated funk and Norfleet is consistently bringing that to the table. Grab a copy of Enfunkenment off of his Bandcamp page today and prepare to celebrate life, love and some of the funkiest sounds around.

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