SoundTable Discussion: SoulBounce Checks Out Pharrell’s ‘G I R L’

Track 8: “Lost Queen”/”FREQ” (feat. JoJo)

Butta: My initial thoughts after listening to this complete album track is that it could have started at the hidden track. Not exactly feeling “Lost Queen,” but “FREQ” is HOT.

D-Money: “FREQ” is done such a disservice by being connected to “Lost Queen.” The lyrics, while not Pharrell’s worst, are just not good. And the beat is just so-so. Though, I’m wondering what that sample is.

Butta: I mean, I’m not mad at Pharrell singing about treating his lady like a queen, but it’s the music and the “I been working on the 2 Chainz gang” humming that doesn’t move me. This might grow on me, but right now I’m inclined to skip past it to get to “FREQ.”

D-Money: I’m sorry, but he says, “Let me serve you hot sex and gold shiny things.” He even works in a Geico reference. No. Just no.

Butta: I don’t see the problem. I happen to like hot sex, look good in gold shiny things and need my car insurance paid. Shoot.

D-Money: ...moving right along. “FREQ” deserves it’s own shine, though I wanted to hear more JoJo. The laid back groove, the uplifting message. I can clap to this.

Butta: Why is this song of all songs a hidden track? At least make it an interlude!

This song is dope from the lyrical content to the sound and Pharrell and JoJo sound great together, although I agree that she could have been given a little more shine as well.

D-Money: Yes, they do sound great. Hopefully she made note of this for her Atlantic records debut.

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