SoundTable Discussion: SoulBounce Checks Out Pharrell’s ‘G I R L’

Track 9: “Know Who You Are” (feat. Alicia Keys)

Butta: Oddly enough I’m feeling this pairing. They took what good have been the Battle of the Struggle Singers and made it work. I dig the ska-light beat.

D-Money: I really want to like this song. I really, really do. But something here is If it only consisted of the chorus, it’d be alright. But those verses, man...

Butta: Yes, the chorus is very dope. Alicia sounds fantastic here. After wanting to stab myself in the ear every time I heard “Girl On Fire,” this is a pleasant return to the Alicia I used to love. Actually, can we drop Pharrell from this track and add it to Alicia’s next album?

D-Money: Honestly, I could totally see this being something that was made for her last album that didn’t make the cut.

Butta: My spidey senses tell me that this will probably be a single, so get used to it.

D-Money: Fine...fine. *crosses arms huffily*

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