SoundTable Discussion: SoulBounce Checks Out Pharrell’s ‘G I R L’

Butta: It feels like just last week that Pharrell announced this new album of his, G I R L. Wait, it was last week. And now it’s posted it up on iTunes for our listening pleasure less than a week before its March 3rd release date. Good idea or bad move? I’m thinking the latter because this joint got ripped quicker than wrapping paper on Christmas morning.

D-Money: I don’t understand why, after being somewhat secretive about the project, they decided to just give it all up like Kim Kardashian at the Million Man March, but I think it could be a shrewd move on the label’s part if it wanted to measure demand.

Butta: P shoulda just pulled a Beyoncé and released it on iTunes at the stroke of midnight March 3rd and kept it moving. No advance listening parties, no advance reviews, none of that. Especially if he wins the Oscar on Sunday night for Best Original Song. People would have bought the album like gangbusters. Now? Not so much since it’s leaked. And especially since it may not have lived up to expectations.

D-Money: I think the people who were gonna buy the album will buy it regardless, but I do agree that the Beyoncé™ Method (because once she does something, it’s permanently named after her), would’ve been a better marketing strategy for this one.

Butta: Hell, even Kid Cudi dropped his new album using the Beyoncé™ Method this week!

D-Money: But if an unwanted album drops in the mean e-streets, does it even make a sound?

Butta: Ask the crickets.

D-Money: And whoomp there it is. But back to Pharrell, I must admit I was expecting just a bit more from G I R L. With only 10 songs, you have to come with it, and ultimately Skateboard P didn’t bring his A game on this one.

Butta: Aw damn. Well, you’ve listened to it twice and I’ve listened to it nonce. Shall we take it for a spin and break this G I R L down track-by-track?

D-Money: Let’s get to it!

Butta: And she presses play….

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