SoundTable Discussion: SoulBounce Checks Out Pharrell’s ‘G I R L’

Track 2: “Brand New” (feat. Justin Timberlake)

D-Money: Damn you, Pharrell, for making me enjoy something Justin Shitberlake related!

Butta: Wow, I know this track has got to be good for you to like something, anything with Justin Timberlake on it.

I’m loving the nod to Michael Jackson that kicked the track off, the tropical rhythm and horns. This kinda has a “Let the Groove Get In” feel to it. And that is MY JAM.

D-Money: For me, it’s all about those backgrounds. They’re beautifully arranged. Also, the fact that P is actually kinda on point vocally here. You hear those high notes in the chorus? Get it, Pharrell!

Butta: Justin is clearly the better singer here, but Pharrell held his own. Let me find out.

D-Money: Honestly, this song just feels so good. The nod to early Neptunes production, the old school feel. It’s one of the best things that Justin had the fortune of ever being asked to be a part of.

Butta: Oh, the hateration is so real in this dancerie!

D-Money: In the wise words of The-Dream, “F**k that (white) n***a!” (Too much? LOL)

Butta: If you have to ask...

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