SoundTable Discussion: SoulBounce Checks Out Pharrell’s ‘G I R L’

Track 4: “Gush”

Butta: Wait….Make the what just what? Oh. #heyboo

D-Money: Did we take a time machine back to 2002? If so, I kinda like it here.

Butta: Clearly Pharrell took a ride in the Hot Tub Time Machine. I’m kinda here for this.

D-Money: As am I. The ‘80’s guitar riff, Pharrell’s clunky’s like I’m back in college getting nasty in the…umm, studying in the library. Yeah, that’s it.

Butta: Ha! More like LIE-brary!

I like that little “Light that ass on fire” refrain and nod to Busta Rhymes.

D-Money: Yeah, this is vintage Pharrell all the way. Kinda reminiscent of JT’s “Rock Your Body.”

Butta: This sounds very MJ inspired, too. Can you imagine Michael tombout “Make that p***y just gush,” though?

D-Money: *clutches pearls* Butta, NOOOOOO!

Butta: I’m just saying. It mighta coulda have happened!

D-Money: Now I’ll never be unable to hear MJ saying that. Thank you oh so much.

Butta: Anytime, D. I’m here for you.

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