SoundTable Discussion: SoulBounce Checks Out Pharrell’s ‘G I R L’

Track 6: “Come Get It Bae” (feat. Miley Cyrus)

D-Money: Lord, here comes this Miley Cyrus child. Still don’t understand why hip-hop folk love her so.

Butta: And we were doing so well, too.

D-Money: This is one time where P definitely should’ve been solo. The southern-fried beat kinda had me nodding my head but she killed the groove.

Butta: The constant shouts of “Hey!” and the chorus including the line “Wanna pop a wheelie” killed my buzz.

D-Money: Yeah, the forced motorcycle metaphor was a bit much.

Butta: Hella corny. Which means it’ll probably be a hit.

D-Money: Pretty much.

Butta: I bet 12-year-olds are slicking down their ponytails and putting their cheerleading routines together now.

D-Money: ...And then ten years later they, too, can help wreck a fairly happy home.

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