Thundercat Takes Us For A Stroll In ‘Evangelion’

Thundercat Evangelion Still

One of the more underrated releases of 2013 was Thundercat's excellent Apocalypse. Chock full of jams and mood ruminations, it is an album that you can put on and listen to from start to finish, no matter your mood. However, the set has had very little visual support. To rectify this, the bass player gives us a two-for-one special with a combined clip for "Evangelion"and "We'll Die." The songs, which, along with the somber "A Message for Austin," provide a emotional end for Apocalypse, are presented without much adornment. The clip is mostly Thundercat walking through the desert in what looks like a mariachi outfit and carrying a samurai sword. While an odd look, it somehow works within the realm of the video. He ends the clip with him playing "We'll Die" as the sun sets. While more than a bit odd in approach, the end result is a video that taps into the emotional core of both songs. Take a peek at the clip here and, if you haven't already, be sure to add Apocalypse to your collection.



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