Are You ‘With’ Chromeo Or ‘Jealous’ Of Them?


Party time is every hour, minute and second of the day when it comes to Chromeo, who will be unleashing their new album White Women in the near future. Yet its May 12th due date is not stopping them from hoarding all the fun as they unleash another ray of jam-shine to keep the celebration going. With "Jealous (I Ain't With It)" they are still frolicking in stylish glimmer funk similar to their Toro y Mori collaboration "Come Alive," but they are even more exuberant this time out. They claim they were inspired by Willy Wonka's illegitimate daughter Katy Perry, and I can sorta hear it as far as the brazen pop exterior this song has, but the diction and guitar breaks feel so at home in early Prince (listen to "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad" or "Private Joy" for examples) that it's a little hard to whittle it down to one inspiration here.

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