Beyoncé Gets Down In Alternate ‘Grown Woman’ Video


Apparently Beyoncé has nothing better to do than release more videos and terrorize us with her infinite beauty. An alternate set of visuals has surfaced for Queen B's “Grown Woman,” which is actually one of our favorite songs that didn’t make it onto the BEYONCÉ album. With its blend of American and African pop and some heavy Senegalese influence, the song makes us want to ndombolo (use Google here) all over your screen.

Despite its already contagious energy, the new video is given a lot more oomph with the help of animation. With the same footage of grown woman Beyoncé juxtaposed with super cute, young Beyoncé, vibrant colors and animated graphics enhance the vintage, tribal and sultry elements of the visuals. We still can’t get over pageant queen Beyoncé sitting provocatively with her trophy in one hand and a stiff drink (most likely D’ussé) in the other and the multiple shots of the singer shaking her rump. Watch out for the additional shots of Yoncé in a fierce black and white swimsuit with matching over-the-knee Tom Ford boots. We’ve said enough so just enjoy the video for yourself, and don’t forget to add this version of “Grown Woman” to your Beyoncé video collection.



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