Dee-1 Bares His Soul In New Video For ‘Accountability Partner’


I can always count on Dee-1 to bring raw honesty and realness to his music that aims to inspire. If you are not familiar, the hip-hop artist approaches his music with authentic storytelling that resonates with real-life situations we all encounter. Never afraid to rap about important issues that are often overshadowed by the glitz and power in mainstream hip hop, Dee-1 openly reflects on personal battles that he's fighting to overcome, which is the case on his latest song, "Accountability Partner" featuring Ambush and Alexis Jones. The video does a great job visualizing the hard decisions Dee-1 has to make and his remorse as a result. I admire Dee-1 for being humble and transparent in his art form during an age of excessive egos. Peep the video, and be sure to check out Dee 1's Psalms of David 2 mixtape.

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