Jhené Aiko Invites Us Into Her ‘Dream’

Jhene Aiko Box Braids

While most people tend to receive rather than give for their birthdays, you've gotta love someone who comes bearing gifts on their date of birth. And that's exactly what Jhené Aiko did this Sunday when she released new track, "Afternoon Dream." And, rightfully so, the track is a dreamy, lush sounding number led by a shimmering piano line and Jhené's soft and delicate voice. As the piano lulls you in, Jhené's vocal creates something of a trance-like effect, as if you're drifting out on the most tranquil sea imaginable. With Jhené prepping the release of her debut full-length effort, Souled Out, later this year, we can't help but hope that it produces more moments like this. To enjoy "Afternoon Dream" simply press play, and be sure to grab the free download of the track as well.

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