Justin Timberlake Wonders #HaveYouSeenThisCouple In ‘Not A Bad Thing’


Justin Timberlake decided to take a seat for the visuals for his single "Not A Bad Thing" taken from The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2. JT is actually nowhere to be found in the music video, and the focus isn't even on the song as such in the documentary-style clip. Viewers are instead introduced to the story of an unknown couple who got engaged on a Long Island Railroad train. People get engaged every day, but what makes this particular couple of interest is that the guy first played Justin's "Not A Bad Thing" on a portable speaker before popping the question. Thankfully she said yes, otherwise this wouldn't be a very different video.

Now Justin and a couple of documentary filmmakers are looking for the couple, and this video details that search in addition to featuring interview segments with various couples who are in the throes of love. Not only is this video dedicated to the search for this mystery man and his soon-to-be wife, but there's a whole social media component complete with the hashtag #HaveYouSeenThisCouple and even Ellen DeGeneres is in the mix, having premiered this video on her talk show and rallying her viewers for answers. It's unknown what Justin Timberlake is going to do after he tracks this couple down, but it better be something big. In the meantime, watch all this love and the search for it in action and activate the warm fuzzies.

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