Live ‘The Good Life’ With Rock Mafia & Lauriana Mae


The calendar says spring is here. Flowers are beginning to bud, warmer days are on the way and the sun is shining brighter each day. Life is pretty good, and to celebrate it all newcomer Lauriana Mae teams up with Los Angeles-based production team Rock Mafia on the easy breezy track "The Good Life." In the catchy song, Lauriana doesn't look to money, fame and status to have a good time. She appreciates the simple and normal moments of happiness such as spending quality time with family and friends, smiles from adorable kids and fresh clothes from the dryer. It’s a nice song to welcome the new season. We can dig it.

You can definitely hear that Lauriana Mae is heavily influenced by a retro-soul and jazz. You may also hear similarities to Amy Whinehouse and Duffy (sidenote: where is Duffy??). Following the 2011 release of her EP, Love Mae, Lauriana is currently working on her debut album release on Atlantic Records. We're interested in hearing the direction of the official musical debut from this rising talent. In the meantime, get a taste of "The Good Life" right here.

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