Nasimiyu Marches On With ‘the biggest drum’


Nasimiyu’s self-directed video for her empowering song "the biggest drum" is dope for a couple of reasons. For starters, Ms. Murumba shot and edited the entire video with a single handheld camera and a tripod during her backpacking trip through the South American rainforest and the Caribbean coast. Secondly, while the video is minimal and most likely had a very low budget, the visual aesthetic perfectly aligns with Nasimiyu's organic approach to her music. Nasimiyu admitted that she did not have a plan when it was time to direct the music video. But in this case, not having a plan was a good thing. The beautiful recollections of her time in Costa Rica and Panama capture Nasimiyu's adventurous and free spirit. Her music tends to uplift and encourage listeners to discover their own personal truths. In "the biggest drum," she continues to march forward without fear or inhibitions. The song is a musical parade with layers of big percussion, brass and beatboxing. Take a minute and peep the video, and be sure to check out Nasimiyu's EP, dirt.