Reesa Renee & Tabi Bonney Are Gonna Have A ‘Good Day’

Reesa Renee Tabi Bonney 2

Is it too early to start thinking about the song of summer? If not, throw Reesa Renee’s hat into that ring, because “Good Day” is certain to be a contender.

Seriously, she’s determined to make sure all goes right on this good-weather day, starting out the song with a repetition of the title. But if that doesn’t drill the mantra of the day into viewers’ heads, the visuals most definitely will. A nice Los Angeles beach is never a bad thing. Neither is a day spent gardening or kickin’ it with a good friend (in this case, Tabi Bonney, who happens to rap a verse or two) just riding bikes, playing a game of basketball or watching the skateboarders in action at the park.

Complement those with Reesa, who trades in her SAT words for some “la-da-da-da-dis” and a chorus that plays limbo with the uplifting down-tempo melody that’s more fluid than filler. Yes, summer, your soundtrack won’t be complete without the addition of Reesa Renee’s latest from her Reelease album.

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