Sevyn Streeter Is On To The ‘nEXt’ With Kid Ink


Sevyn Streeter channels her inner Gabrielle Union in the Being Mary Jane-inspired music video for the remix to her single "nEXt" featuring rapper Kid Ink. Sevyn portrays a Mary Jane Paul-like newswoman in the Derek Blanks-directed visuals, and just like Mary Jane she finds herself with a messy love life and Post-It notes in the bathtub and all over her house. Possessing no chill or couth, Kid Ink decides to kick Sev to the curb at her job of all places, but you can't keep a good woman down and she rebounds with the quickness with a movie star who she interviews. Unfortunately he turns out to be a joker when Sevyn sees him and his main chick all up on Instagram. He's busted and she's disgusted. Kid Ink sends her a text at just the right time, and he's back in like Flynn. Maybe these exes will have better luck the second time around.

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