1-O.A.K. Wants You To ‘Slide Thru’


"The best way to get over your ex, is to get under somebody new." Sound advice from 1-O.A.K. on his latest track "Slide Thru." The singer/songwriter keeps it as short and sweet as a text message, singing the thoughts of most newly single lovers suffering from that good ol' heartbreak. Oh rebounds. 1-O.A.K. invites the HBK Gang's P-Lo to provide a verse where he raps about his new b***h and how she looks much better than his ex. Oh denial. The Hyperspace Music-produced track has a hi-hat and bass-filled beat to support 1-O.A.K.'s vocals. Although the track is pretty simple, we can appreciate the singer's harmonies and relatable (somewhat) content. Oh relationships.

Just for the record, if you text me "slide thru" I'm side-eyeing your spelling skills. But anyway, 1-O.A.K. adds his vocals on the upcoming R&B/soul compilation HNRL presents The Champagne Room, which comes out next month, along with his own sophomore album to be released this summer. So how do you cope with the loss of an ex-lover? Go ahead and download "Slide Thru" and see if it’ll help mend your achy breaky heart.

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