Aloe Blacc Is ‘The Man’ On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’


While "The Man" wasn't my personal choice cut from Aloe Blacc's latest album, Lift Your Spirit,  I'm happy that the self-congratulatory vintage soul number has further given the singer newfound recognition as well as a #1 single in the UK, but this time out, the lazy interpolation of Elton John's classic "Your Song" isn't my main concern with this song. Blacc brought his silky croon to The Ellen DeGeneres Show the other day, and while he was vocally sharp and as poised as ever, his background singers on the other hand were a big ball o' messy jessies as they warbled flatter than an IHOP stack and distracted me away from the flow of this song with their lifeless delivery. I have no idea where Aloe got these Dollar Tree background singers from, as they really didn't do any favors for him on this performance, still to see one of the flyest men of the hour show some professionalism in a moment of basicness, then by all means.

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