Anushka Are Far From ‘Broken’


Record Store Day is just days away, but there is still time to add to your long list of shop purchases. One name you shouldn't forget to pen is Brighton duo Anuskha, whose upcoming EP Distorted Air will see an early release date on Saturday, just for the occasion. Already we have heard "World In A Room," but the two keep us further interested with two new songs from the upcoming four-track EP, "Blessing" and "Broken Circuit."

Continuing forth with their sweetened house soul, the two tracks contrast in atmosphere as the frantic "Blessing" is glossed and beautified with Victoria Port's songbird chirps, while "Broken Circuit" frolics around an '80s arcade groove. Safe to say, summer has arrived a wee bit early thanks to Anushka and their newest sound slices, and really, there isn't anything wrong with ignoring the calendar date and soaking up these aural rays right this second.

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