Disclosure & Friend Within Flip The Switch On Their ‘Mechanism’


At one of my old jobs, I used to share an office with a fellow musichead, and we'd usually listen to our own grooves on headphones while toiling away at work. His daily drug of choice was hip hop and mine was R&B, but every Friday we'd lay the headphones aside, close our office door and pump up the volume for "House Music Fridays" to get ready for the weekend with an endless array of soulful house songs and mixes. Those were the good old days, and now whenever I hear a house track on this particular day of the work week I smile and remember the times.

This Friday it's the funky fellas of Disclosure who have me grinning from ear to ear and letting a nostalgic soul clap loose with the online drop of a new song in conjunction with producer Friend Within entitled "The Mechanism." This is another track in the vein of "When A Fire Starts To Burn" that features a chopped and looped vocal sample from a speaker (possibly the Hip Hop Preacher Eric Thomas once again) with some motivational words of encouragement atop a jack-your-body kinda house groove. The song starts off smooth and easy, but at the 48-second mark it's on like popcorn when a nasty beat drops in. Expect involuntary body movements when that happens. If you're a house fan from way back like myself, then "The Mechanism" will take you back to the deep house heydays and have you reminiscing, too.

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