Get ‘Sexy’ With Memoir


What a tangled web newly Bounce-Worthy trio Memoir weave in their song "Sexy," which SoulBounce is world premiering today in advance of their full-length debut Fire In Me, due to drop on Tuesday, April 29th. The twang of a guitar and shake of a tambourine start the track off before lead singer Dena Deadly takes control of your attention with her powerful pipes. It's the song's subject matter, however, that really raises an eyebrow.

"Sexy" finds Dena singing about making eyes and flirting with a man who makes her heartbeat race, which wouldn't be a problem if she didn't already have a man at home. Dena sings about how her old man isn't taking care of business and her fantasies of having some sexy-time with this new man, but, alas, she doesn't act on her impulses. This is a conundrum that many a person in a relationship finds themselves in, and Memoir handles it with a little bit of sass and a lot of class.

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