Joey Negro Takes Zo! & Eric Roberson’s ‘Move’ To The House

Joey Zo Erro

The week's almost done, so why don't we shake away some of that work week blues with something soulful? Joey Negro has got you covered with his "Revival Remix" of Zo!'s "We Are on the Move." The original, with its touches of '80s R&B smoothness, was just what the doctor ordered for R&B lovers, but Joey's remix adds a bit of house and disco polish  — as well as a few more BPM — to the mix, adding some flare to the leisure-suited groove. As the keys sparkle, Eric Roberson's velvet voice swells and the drums and hi-hats swirl, the song makes its case as competition with the original in our hearts. While Zo! and Co. still have a slight edge, it's a close race. Why don't you guys be the judge when you take a listen to the remix below.

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