Jonathan McReynolds & India.Arie ‘Moved’ BET’s Celebration Of Gospel 2014


BET's Celebration of Gospel 2014 was marked by some amazing performances. From the earth-shaking to the soul-stirring, gospel and soul stars did their good singing last night. One of the most impressive pairings was that of Jonathan McReynolds and India.Arie. The young gospel talent and the seasoned soulbird each came prepared with their acoustic guitars, and India even broke out her flute to kick their performance off, which started with McReynolds singing his song "No Gray." The two singers harmonized beautifully on the song about straddling the fence between the secular and the holy, and the interpolation of India's "Get It Together" was a beautiful touch.

After a brief pause for applause it was then India's turn to take the lead. She sang her love song "Moved By You," which given the context of the Celebration of Gospel took on a different, deeper meaning. Arie's ad-libs at the end brought it full circle. These two sounded perfect together and should consider putting their talents to work in the studio with each other. In the event that doesn't come to pass, thankfully this performance of "No Gray" and "Moved By You" is for sale. Get your blessing right now on iTunes.

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