Kindred The Family Soul Seek To Inspire Greatness On ‘Everybody’s Hustling’


In this current economy, you need to get your hustle on just to get by, not just to get over, these days. With that in mind, our favorite husband and wife soul singers Kindred the Family Soul bring us their brand new single "Everybody's Hustling." On the easy-like-Sunday-morning song, Aja and Fatin address those who may be struggling to make ends meet and encourage them to stay on their grind because trouble don't last always if you put in the work.

According to Kindred, the track "was initially inspired by all of the glorification of money in all the hip hop songs," but the song morphed into something inspirational to encourage those who are in the struggle "to continue to reach for greatness whether they have access to lots of money or not.” Amen to that!

"Everybody's Hustling" is the first listen from Kindred the Family Soul's upcoming album, A Couple Friends, which drops on June 10th.

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