Let Naomi Pilgrim Welcome You To Her ‘House Of Dreams’


"This is my palace, this is where I live, so take your shoes off and stay," and so goes Naomi Pilgrim throwing down the welcome mat to what is her latest single. The Swedish-Barbadian singer gathered attention from her self-titled debut EP last year, bringing an honeycombed sweetness to the emerging sonic soul pattern with brooding tracks like "No Gun" and femme battle cries like "Money." This time she pens an ode to the leisure of being a homebody and she tosses and turns into a buoyant bed of crunchy and gurgling synths that are smoothed out by twinkling pianos and Pilgrim's melodic tone. Be sure to grab the cool side of the pillow as we'll all get to rest our weary heads into further aural trances when her House of the Dreams EP arrives May 19th via Best Fit Recordings.

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