Midé’s Debut Album Was Worth The ‘Wait’

Mide With Guitar In Black And White In Front Of Lamp

British soul star Midé has finally unleashed his long-awaited debut album E.G. this month. After blessing the musical masses with multiple EP releases including Travellin’ Light, City Lights and Mainstream, he has pulled it all together and is now ready to face the music again with this 14-track effort. Once again managing to pull from obvious influences like John Mayer, John Legend and Seal, Midé shines brighter than ever before with big tunes like “Mr. Sane Man,” “Can’t Go Back,” and “Hello Before Goodbye.” One of the strongest records out of the bunch come in the form of a charming duet with a lovely songtress by the name of Bianca Rose. With their voices perfectly bending and blending together, Midé and Bianca sing a beautiful acoustic ballad about waiting for love to return. “See I'll be waiting til' there's no more time/Til' there's no more day or night,” they sing. Feel free to head over to Bandcamp, SoundCloud or iTunes to grab your copy of Midé’s E.G. and show plenty of love and support to yet another incredible artist coming out of the UK.

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