Now You Can Put How To Dress Well’s New ‘Pleasure’ On ‘Repeat’


When the beautiful "Words I Don't Remember" dropped last month, we wondered whether it signaled How To Dress Well's follow-up to his emotionally devastating 2012 release, Total Loss, and now folks we have the answer. On June 23rd/24th the singer/producer will release his third studio LP, "What Is This Heart?", and from the tracklist it appears we are going to be taken on another emotional rollercoaster ride with titles such as "2 Years On (Shame Dream)," "Precious Love" and "See You Fall." It's great to see that "Words I Don't Remember" also made the cut and HTDW has offered up another fresh cut to further increase our anticipation.

At its heart, "Repeat Pleasure" is built around a simple acoustic guitar and hand-clap percussion, but there are layers of warm synths and a touch of catchy bass work to keep things interesting. Of course it's Tom Krell's soul-piercing falsetto and fondness for slightly off-kilter lyrics which are the real draw. That, combined with what is probably his most radio-friendly recording yet, should ensure that both fans of his previous work and newcomers are happy.

How To Dress Well "What Is This Heart?" tracklist:

1. 2 Years On (Shame Dream)
2. What You Wanted
3. Face Again
4. See You Fall
5. Repeat Pleasure
6. Words I Don’t Remember
7. Pour Cyril
8. Precious Love
9. Childhood Faith in Love (Everything Must Change, Everything Must Stay the Same)
10. A Power
11. Very Best Friend
12. House Inside (Future Is Older)

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