Pharrell Is Girl Crazy In ‘Marilyn Monroe’


After making the whole world “Happy,” Pharrell Williams has returned with a new music video from his G I R L album for the current single “Marilyn Monroe.” The visuals begin with a nod to the skateboarding style donned during the days of N.E.R.D. before entering more Flashdance-like fashions. A slew of beautiful dancers of every hue sport leotards and leggings, which are appropriately accented with their suggestive poses and camera angles.

That’s to be expected, of course, as Pharrell glides in and out of his dancing entourage being choreographed by Fatima Robinson, waxing poetic about the one who’s caught his eye as the ladies make moves that might remind some viewers of Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted.” But the studio scene transitions into a three-color romper room of red, white and blue. The girls once again groove as women dressed in one color bleed across the dividing lines and into the wall palette of the next, proving to be patriotic as Pharrell continues to celebrate his love of women.

Then there’s the curious figure who fades from his grasp in the beginning only reappear in the moon at the end. This video is a bit of a trip yes, but it's just another chapter in Pharrell’s growing catalog of fun and entertaining clips.



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