Will Bradd Marquis & Tess Henley ‘Break Up’ Or Make Up?


Sometimes in relationships two people just can't get it together for whatever reasons and it comes time to part ways -- or is it? Bradd Marquis tackles this touchy subject on his new single "Break Up," a duet with Tess Henley. The pair play the role of a couple whose love has lost its shine, but there may be something there worth salvaging instead of throwing everything that they had away. It's an all too relatable tale that anyone who's ever loved and lost and maybe even reconsidered can identify with as sung by two soulful singers whose voices blend together well. Bradd's manly bass and Tess' sexy rasp make such a winning combo that you want these two to stay together as long as possible -- even if it's only on record.

Bradd is also using "Break Up" as the catalyst for his Make Up Campaign where he wants to hear from real people about why they decided to make up after their break up and, in turn, make it work. He's currently collecting short video submissions via email and posting them to his Instagram page. If you'd like more details and want to share your love story to encourage others, then also watch the video of Marquis speaking about the Make Up Campaign below.

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