Does Banks Save Herself From ‘Drowning’?


The tears fall and the Kleenex is clutched as Banks delivers yet another woman scorned anthem with "Drowning." No new territory for the LA-based vocalist as her continuous stream of releases ("Warm Water," "This Is What It Feels Like," "Change," "Brain") are tear-stained confessionals with sinister bite, all of which will nonetheless loftily pad her highly-anticipated debut album, Goddess (out September 9th). With producer Al Shux, Banks bobs and flows on the choppy n' screwed waters of this seedy R&B joint keeping in line with her heartbreak kid theme, and while you want her to lighten up, you're still smitten by this glitching groove (well, at least I am). "Drowning" offers something a wee bit different in the lyrical department from her last release and other previous ones, as she's a little less femme empowered and a lot more vulnerable and exposing this time out, as she goes from singing, "you're not deserving" to cooing "I'm drowning for ya." Oooh, the conflict.

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