Eric Lau & Tawiah Give Us A ‘Love Call’


After dropping the sublime "Favourite Truth" at the tail end of last month, Eric Lau and Tawiah are back with their five-track Love Call EP and it's everything we could have wished for from two of the most talented artists in the game. The duo are no strangers to collaborating, with Tawiah making an appearance on Lau's New Territories and several on his most recent album, One of Many, but it's nice to see the pair putting out a joint project.

The press release that accompanied "Favourite Truth" said that the EP would show a different side to the pair and after listening to the whole thing we can definitely agree. Lau's signature hip-hop laced grooves are still present but toned down somewhat to allow Tawiah's ruminations on love and life to really shine through, and the collection, while still sitting firmly in the "soul" camp, should appeal across the board. You can stream the whole EP right here or via SoundCloud right now, but if you want to add the EP to your collection -- and you should -- then head on over to Bandcamp and pick it up right now.

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