Flying Lotus’ ‘Phantasm’ Will Haunt You

Fly Lo Phantasm Still

Flying Lotus' Until the Quiet Comes was released in 2012, but if you thought the producer was done with the project, you thought wrong. It seems there was one more in Quiet's chamber in the form of a visual for the haunting track "Phantasm." The glitchy, haunting track, anchored by Laura Darlington's ethereal vocal, was an easy favorite from the set, and the video captures its feel fairly closely. We focus on a figure wrapped in black cloth as it stands in the desert alone. Soon, though, it is joined by a fluffy creature that begins to unwrap it, revealing a humanoid prism of light. Trippy. Yet, as weird a concept as this is, it somehow works perfectly with everything going on. Go figure. See what we mean when you check out the clip below.

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