Give Anita Nicole A Little ‘Patience’


Last year there was wonder on the destination of singer/songwriter Anita Nicole after she released the pleasant surprise that was her debut EP, Ecstasy. Well, the destination seems to ongoing and diverting into even more aural hotness as the Londonite's latest single, "Patience," takes us down a heavenly road swathed in opulent soul-house. As much as house music has made a fiery comeback in the last couple of years it's usually the strident fizzy sounds of acts like Disclosure that have made ears perk up to the nostalgia, while the more lounge-y stuff has in turn gotten little shine. Anita Nicole goes for the cool down as she keeps things classy and restrained, pouring her honeyed vocal tone over glimmers of piano keys and methodic percussion. This house joint will have a home on a newer project that Anita Nicole is cooking up for the later summer months, but in the meantime, you can experience the bliss that is "Patience" by way of its free download over at SoundCloud.

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